Your question: What is freight in Sim City?

Depot freight storage functions as a global demand or in other words commercial buildings outside your city. The more storage you add the more commercial volume of demand from the outside world for your products.

Can you import freight Simcity?

2 Answers. Freight cannot be bought on the market. Freight can be transmitted via region by a street connected neighbor overproducing. The trucks from that city will automatically go directly to your Commercial buildings.

How does the trade depot work in Simcity?

Import, export, and store resources such as coal and crude oil with this basic building. In this way, a Trade Depot can absorb industrial output in the absence of commercial demand and periodically sell it on the global market, earning your city money in the process. …

How do you trade in Sim City?

In order to trade in specific goods, you’ll need the appropriate storage lots. Only the ones for raw materials (raw ore, coal, and crude oil) are available right away. Simply edit your trade depot, add the appropriate storage lots as modules, and you’re set.

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How do I sell crude oil in Simcity?

Select the crude oil from the tabs across the top if it isn’t already, then click the “Export” button. Your trade depot will sell any excess crude oil every 60 minutes, and the money will automatically accumulate in the treasury.

What can you do with plastic in Simcity?

Plop a trade depot and build storage facilities for the alloy, metal and plastic. You can make some extra simoleans by setting the depots to export to the global market. Turn off any sharing of your recycling trucks with the region until you catch up.

How do I get more freight in Simcity?

To add demand you can add more commercial buildings or add more freight storage in depot/port/airport. Depot freight storage functions as a global demand or in other words commercial buildings outside your city. The more storage you add the more commercial volume of demand from the outside world for your products.

How do you sell things on Sim City?

Create a sale

Tap on an item in your storage and it will magically appear in the cardboard box shown on the right. Yellow plus/minus buttons allow you to select how many of the item you want to sell and how many Simoleons you think the sale is worth.

How do you trade with club members in SimCity Buildit?

You go in chat and type what you are selling. Put the items on sale without advertising on GTHQ. Hopefully one of your members will read and purchase them.

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How do I send resources to great works?

To enable your city to send resources to the great work, you will see on this screen that underneath each resource is a ‘power button’ (it looks the same as the power buttons to disable buildings). Turn this on and you will start sending resources to your great work site.

How do I change my age in SimCity?

Sadly, from what I know, you cannot change the age once it’s done. If you only just started your city, then you can just delete it and start a new one. If you’re really far into the game I wouldn’t delete it all if I were you. You need to put in your age to meet the right age in the country you’re from.

How do epic projects work SimCity?

Epic Buildings hold more citizens and produce parts that can be used to speed up crafting in your city. You can only work on one Epic Project at a time. After you complete that Epic Project, there is a cooldown before you can start another.

How do you access global markets in SimCity?

The player can obtain the current market price of a resource by viewing the SimCity World applet within the game or by managing the imports/exports at a particular Trade Depot or Trade Port within their city.

How do you get fuel in Sim City?

Take your crude oil and use it to create plastic to sell on the global market via a trade depot. Add a fuel distilation unit to also create fuel to sell or use for a great work! The Oil Refinery turns crude oil into either fuel, plastic, or both, depending on which modules you add.

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How do I get oil in Sim City?

Pump crude oil from reservoirs under your city. Run your city on crude oil with an oil power plant! Sell barrels of your crude oil to local industry or on the global market via a trade depot.

How do you get processors in Simcity?

A very easy way to obtain enough materials to successfully create processors is to plop down a recycling center with alloy and plastic modules. A fully upgraded recycling center can supply more than enough materials to get your processor factory creating 4000 crates or more a day.

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