You asked: How do I delete landfills in Simcity 4?

Build a Waste to Energy plant to get rid of your trash and demolish the road that goes to the landfill. Without road access the landfill will eventually clear up and you can dezone it.

How do you get rid of landfills in Simcity 4?

There’s a very easy trick to get rid of garbage: build a Waste to Energy plant, then click on it and use the slider to set its funding to §0. Even though it won’t generate any power this way, it will still incinerate your garbage for free.

How do you get rid of landfills in Simcity 3000?

The First thing you need to do pause your city and find a good far-away place to put your new landfill (make sure you have good road access to it). Then demolish all roads, highways, and railroads within about seven blocks from your old landfill. Now raise the elevation around all the borders of the landfill.

How do you improve environment in Simcity 4?

My strategy for pushing the environment up involves a few things.

  1. As was already said, keep that education up so high tech industry moves in and doesn’t mess with your air or water quality. …
  3. Don’t put parks near high pollution generating areas, plant dozens of regular trees from the lanscaping menu instead.
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Do landmarks help in Simcity 4?

Landmarks do not provide any jobs, but that can be changed with external modifications found through fansites. And simcity 4 modifications can add new landmarks.

How do I reduce water pollution in SimCity 4?

Building your water pumps away from polluted areas decreases the chance you will need a water treatment plant. However, a water treatment plant can help lower water pollution. Putting many parks in your city helps encourage growth in the surrounding areas by increasing land value.

What do landmarks do Simcity 4?

The landmark menu allows you to build famous real-life landmarks from around the world. Besides aesthetics, they only really have one purpose: to raise commercial desirability. Because they have very high costs, you should only build them in large metropolises, and even there, you must choose your location carefully.

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