How do you send workers to other cities in SimCity?

In order to get sims to commute between cities, you must provide adequate road, rail, sea, or air transport to move them effectively between two cities. You must also provide a commodity or opportunity that is in short supply in their home city, such as employment, education, or shopping.

How do I get more workers in SimCity?

If you don’t have anymore space in your city to zone more residential zones, you could either look at rebuilding part of your city to provide additional space for residential zones or you could create an additional city in your region (or get a friend to do it for you) with the purpose of housing a large number of …

How does arcology work SimCity?

Arcologies make a return in the form of a great work in the SimCity reboot. … Once a city in the region reaches 58,000 residents the construction of the arcology is unlocked, the region then needs to collect a million simoleons, 2,800 tons of metal, 1,000 tons of alloy and 60,000 crates of televisions.

What is region Wall SimCity?

Region Wall: Chat across the region, replying to and sending messages.

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How do I get more shoppers in SimCity?

You can fix this by increasing the number of residents of that particular wealth, or by building municipal buses and railway stations and bringing in shoppers from other cities.

How do you fix the shortage of workers in SimCity?

The best way to fix this is by having commercial areas mingled in with your residential. You might also need educated workers which is often fixed by having a centralized university/College (Place these are avenues if possible for best results).

How do you cheat in SimCity?

SimCity 4. Press Ctrl+X to bring up the cheat box. Type in the correct code for the desired effect.

What is the best great work in SimCity?

The Space Center is really the best for me. Free tech level is insane, and in addition tourists and money. I really like it. So depending on how prepared you are and how hard you need tourists, I’d say that Space Center is the best, Solar Farm is the worse, and the Archology and the Airport are in the middle.

How do I put money in SimCity?

You can quickly change your game by toggling effects on and off or by adding a quick cash infusion using the corresponding keyboard shortcuts below.

  1. ALT+W – Add $100,000 to City Budget.
  2. ALT+F – Toggle Fire On/Off.
  3. ALT+C – Toggle Crime On/Off.
  4. ALT+M – Toggle Health Issues On/Off.
  5. ALT+A – Toggle Air Pollution On/Off.


What is Simtropolis?

Simtropolis (ST, Simtrop) is a SimCity 4 and SimCity (2013) fansite, established in September 2002. As of August, Simtropolis has above 330,000 registered members, making the site the largest SimCity fansite on the Internet, and one of the remaining active SimCity communities.

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What are wave simoleons used for?

Wave Simoleons are Sunny Isles’ regional currency. They can be used to purchase Small Palm Trees, Sunny Isles Hot Spots, and the Tourist Info service.

Where is the eco shop in Simcity?

Regional Crafting Shops and Regional Crafting Items

For example, the Eco Shop can only be built in the Green Valley Region.

How do you get coconuts in Simcity build it?

click the store button and place the tropical products store and coconut farm on your city. then you can start making coconuts to make coconut oil. there are other items you can make too.

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