How do you increase workers in Simcity?

Each building requires workers while the extensions do not require any more workers. Check the number of workers at a service building by pausing the game, checking the city worker count, powering off the building, comparing the new worker count (you can power on the building at this point if you want to keep it).

How do you fix the shortage of workers in SimCity?

The best way to fix this is by having commercial areas mingled in with your residential. You might also need educated workers which is often fixed by having a centralized university/College (Place these are avenues if possible for best results).

How do I get more shoppers in SimCity?

You can fix this by increasing the number of residents of that particular wealth, or by building municipal buses and railway stations and bringing in shoppers from other cities.

How do you get high wealth workers in SimCity?

If you want high wealth Sims you will need to plop the Mayors Mansion or High Wealth parks (Plaza and Formal). Medium and high wealth buildings take up more space than low wealth buildings. They also house fewer Sims (residential) and have fewer spots for workers and shoppers (commercial).

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How do I build great works in SimCity?

To send resources to your great work, zoom out to the region view and click on the great work site – this will show you a status screen detailing each of the resources required to build the great work and the quantity of each resource that has already been supplied.

How do I increase my daily income in Simcity?

Tax RATES can only reach 20% but tax REVENUE can always be increased through specializations. So in your case with a population of 114 000 we can deduce by simple cross multiplication that your sims generate a theoretical total income of 60 000 simoleons daily. You receive 20% of that when at full happiness.

How do I get more workers in Simcity 5?

If you don’t have anymore space in your city to zone more residential zones, you could either look at rebuilding part of your city to provide additional space for residential zones or you could create an additional city in your region (or get a friend to do it for you) with the purpose of housing a large number of …

How do you attract high wealth residential in Simcity 4?

The only way to attract high wealth residents is by building their park type close by. Click the Parks tab, click the Plaza ($$$) or Formal ($$$) tab, click the Land Value Map and then start placing high wealth parks and you will see the dark green start appearing on the map.

How do I get the academy in Simcity?

The Academy is a building in Cities of Tomorrow in which futuristic technologies can be researched. The Academy itself can be purchased for 25,000 Simoleons, and additional controlnet facilities can also be purchased under the same category.

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What is the best great work in SimCity?

The Space Center is really the best for me. Free tech level is insane, and in addition tourists and money. I really like it. So depending on how prepared you are and how hard you need tourists, I’d say that Space Center is the best, Solar Farm is the worse, and the Archology and the Airport are in the middle.

How do you unlock arcology great works?

Arcology. Effect: Provides workforce, students and shoppers to all cities in region. Requirements: 2,800 tons of metal, 1,000 tons of alloy, 60,000 crates of TVs, and 1,000,000 simoleons. Unlocked by: Having at least one city in the region with 58,000 or more residents.

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