How do I reduce traffic in Simcity 4?

Road planning. Maximize the distance between each intersection (a longer road can take more traffic). And limit the AI’s choices for choosing their path. Study real world road networks in suburban areas and learn to love Google Maps.

How do I reduce traffic congestion in SimCity 4?

Use either subway or el-rail and lay them out under the roads and a radiating pattern with ring subways connecting the lines together in one loop. Place subway stations wisely, don’t put them too close, don’t put them too far and make sure it leads to the downtown area.

How can we reduce traffic?

The one-hit solution

  1. Widen roads.
  2. Narrow roads.
  3. Add bus lanes.
  4. Remove bus lanes.
  5. Build tunnels.
  6. Build a new ring road.
  7. Build a light rail network.
  8. Switch off traffic lights.


How do I fix the traffic jams in SimCity Buildit?

How do you win SimCity 4?

Here are a few more SimCity 4 tips to help you start a new city successfully.

  1. Hold off on Public Services.
  2. Manage Funding for Services.
  3. Raise Taxes.
  4. Make Residential and Industrial Development a Priority.
  5. Plant Trees.
  6. Hold Off on Fire and Police Departments.
  7. Grow Healthcare Facilities Carefully.
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How do you get big buildings in SimCity 4?

You will not get any commercial skyscrapers at all unless you have an office population of at least 5,000 workers. Once you reach that milestone, you can build a stock market which attract large buildings. Make sure your area is desirable enough.

How do I use maglev in Simcity?

Maglev station

Drop this station on any road to begin a high-speed, elevated mass transit network. Maglev stations are plopped above roads, and also includes a garage for a maglev train. The station must be connected to ControlNet and maglev tracks in order to be used, however.

How do I put money in Simcity?

You can quickly change your game by toggling effects on and off or by adding a quick cash infusion using the corresponding keyboard shortcuts below.

  1. ALT+W – Add $100,000 to City Budget.
  2. ALT+F – Toggle Fire On/Off.
  3. ALT+C – Toggle Crime On/Off.
  4. ALT+M – Toggle Health Issues On/Off.
  5. ALT+A – Toggle Air Pollution On/Off.


What is the main cause of traffic?

The truth is that traffic congestion is caused by multiple causes and here they are not in the order of importance. 1- Too many cars for the roadway due to inadequate mass transit options or other reasons. 2- Obstacles in the road causing a blockage and merger. … Road narrowing down.

What can government do to reduce traffic congestion?

Levying Workplace Parking Charges

Levying a charge on workplace parking can be useful in promoting carpooling amongst employees, which will, in turn, reduce congestion on roads. It will also improve public transport usage and allow both private and public firms to re-evaluate their parking space usage.

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Why does traffic happen?

Traffic happens from a roadway having too many cars on it at once. If the road doesn’t have space for all of the vehicles, people have to drive slower and closer together to fit more cars.

What is the best way to build in SimCity?

Guide to SimCity: 10 basic tricks to build your city

  1. Good planning is important. …
  2. Keep density in mind. …
  3. Keep the city “clean” …
  4. Public transport is a good bet. …
  5. Industry: the further from homes, the better. …
  6. Have lots of green space. …
  7. Maintain public facilities. …
  8. A good mayor isn’t afraid to borrow.


Is education important in SimCity?

Your sims may ask for education, but it doesn’t actually affect their happiness. Of course, later on you can completely cover your city with both transportation and education buildings.

How do I upgrade my streetcar Avenue in SimCity?

Streetcar Avenue: Upgradeable from boulevard after reaching level 34. Cost §2,500 per tile to upgrade from boulevard.

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