How do I increase my tech level in SimCity?

In my experience so far, the most important factor in increasing industrial tech is placing a community college or university in your city. You can also accelerate the process of converting your industries to high tech by placing this near your industry.

How do you get high tech industry in Simcity?

1: Add parks, trees or other public recreation lots to your Industrial zones. Reward buildings and landmarks can help too. Placing these will increase land value and demand for the lots surrounding them. High Tech industries can afford to pay the increased lot prices, while the dirty industry is forced to move out.

How do you get high tech industry in Simcity 3000?

Here is a list of the ordinances that help promote high-tech industry:

  1. Conservation Corps.
  2. Industrial Pollution Impact Fee.
  3. Clean Air Assocciation.
  4. Clean Air.
  5. Electronics Tax Incentive.
  6. Aerospace Tax Incentive.
  7. Biotech Tax Incentive.
  8. Job Fair.

How do you increase education in Simcity 4?

As your city grows, you will earn more educational buildings. Rewards include a large elementary school, large high school, private school, and a university. You’ll need a regular elementary school and high school at first. As you expand, you’ll need to add more schools.

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Does industry need water Simcity 4?

Types of Industry

They need cheap land and power to develop, but water is not necessary for them to develop.

How do you increase demand in Simcity 4?

To increase residential demand, ensure that your residential zones are some distance away from buildings which are a source of pollution – power plants, industrial zones, etc – that you have a good road network between your residential, commercial and industrial zones to keep the commute time down, and reduce your …

How do I build an airport in SimCity 3000?

How to develop airports in SimCity 3000

  1. Must be zoned at least 3×5.
  2. Must have power and water.
  3. Must be within 3 tiles of a road.
  4. Tip: if your airport won’t grow, try zoning the 3×5 so that it faces the other direction (rotate the zone 90 degrees). Also ensure no tall buildings are in the flight path.


How do I build a stadium in SimCity 3000?

How do I build a stadium? Once your city reaches 150,000 population, you will be offered a Stadium. After you accept the offer in the Petitioners window, the Stadium appears under the Rewards and Opportunities menu (the gift icon). The stadium increases the residential population cap by 125,000.

How do you win SimCity 3000?


  1. As you go along your career, keep an eye on the News Ticker. …
  2. Build connections to different towns. …
  3. You may choose to speed up the time. …
  4. Increase the amount of libraries, museums, schools, colleges, and police and fire stations to cover your population.
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How do you increase education in SimCity?

First, click on a Grade School or High School to view its current capacity. If all the desks are filled, build new classroom modules to increase the number of desks available. Next, make sure your school has enough buses. Add more School Bus Lot modules to increase the number of buses dispatched.

Is SimCity educational?

“For decades, SimCity has been embraced by the educational community as an engaging videogame that also provides a powerful learning experience, teaching problem solving skills through imaginative civic gameplay,” said Lucy Bradshaw, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA’s Maxis Label.

How do you win SimCity 4?

Here are a few more SimCity 4 tips to help you start a new city successfully.

  1. Hold off on Public Services.
  2. Manage Funding for Services.
  3. Raise Taxes.
  4. Make Residential and Industrial Development a Priority.
  5. Plant Trees.
  6. Hold Off on Fire and Police Departments.
  7. Grow Healthcare Facilities Carefully.


How do I get skyscrapers in Simcity 4?

You will not get any commercial skyscrapers at all unless you have an office population of at least 5,000 workers. Once you reach that milestone, you can build a stock market which attract large buildings. Make sure your area is desirable enough.

How do I reduce water pollution in Simcity 4?

Building your water pumps away from polluted areas decreases the chance you will need a water treatment plant. However, a water treatment plant can help lower water pollution. Putting many parks in your city helps encourage growth in the surrounding areas by increasing land value.

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