How do I get rid of pollution in SimCity 4?

One way to prevent air pollution from getting too high is to activate certain city ordinances such as Clean Air Act in SimCity 4, which also reduces deamand for dirty industry. Another is to reduce traffic congestion.

How do I reduce pollution in SimCity?

Update: Planting trees with the forests tool under “Nature” in the parks section is confirmed to reduce ground pollution. Adding parks is also confirmed to reduce pollution. Further testing has to be done to figure out what can eliminate radiation pollution.

How do you get rid of dirty in SimCity 4?

The best way to eliminate the demand for dirty industry is to raise the education level in your city, which also has other positive side effects (lower crime, better paid jobs etc). If you don’t feel like it then yes, you could move the dirty industry to a neighbour city by using different tax levels.

How do you improve environment in SimCity 4?

My strategy for pushing the environment up involves a few things.

  1. As was already said, keep that education up so high tech industry moves in and doesn’t mess with your air or water quality. …
  3. Don’t put parks near high pollution generating areas, plant dozens of regular trees from the lanscaping menu instead.
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How do you fix pollution in SimCity 2000?

SC2000 Pollution can be solved by putting DIRTY intistries, and POWER PLANTS away from the city. That should solve it. SC2000 Pollution can be solved by putting DIRTY intistries, and POWER PLANTS away from the city. That should solve it.

Can you clean up ground pollution in SimCity?

To remove ground pollution you have 2 options: … If you remove the source buildings the ground pollution will go away on its own slowly over time. Plant Trees. Nature Parks.

How do I reduce air pollution in SimCity 5?

1 Answer. In the toolbar at the bottom, click the Tree icon and plant some forests down wind of the factories. The trees will clean the air.

How do I get unlimited money in SimCity 4?

Quick money

  1. Press [Ctrl]+ X.
  2. Type “weaknesspays”
  3. Hold [Left Shift]
  4. Press [Enter]
  5. Press [Cursor Up]
  6. Press [Enter]
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6; you will get $1000 each time.

How do I reduce traffic in SimCity 4?

Road planning. Maximize the distance between each intersection (a longer road can take more traffic). And limit the AI’s choices for choosing their path. Study real world road networks in suburban areas and learn to love Google Maps.

How do you get high tech industry in SimCity 3000?

Here is a list of the ordinances that help promote high-tech industry:

  1. Conservation Corps.
  2. Industrial Pollution Impact Fee.
  3. Clean Air Assocciation.
  4. Clean Air.
  5. Electronics Tax Incentive.
  6. Aerospace Tax Incentive.
  7. Biotech Tax Incentive.
  8. Job Fair.

How do you fix water pollution in SimCity?

You will have to bulldoze the water pump that is default in the water pumping station and add a filtration pump instead. Works fine.

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How do you enter cheats in SimCity?

To use a code, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C to open the cheat entry box.

What is Simtropolis?

Simtropolis (ST, Simtrop) is a SimCity 4 and SimCity (2013) fansite, established in September 2002. As of August, Simtropolis has above 330,000 registered members, making the site the largest SimCity fansite on the Internet, and one of the remaining active SimCity communities.

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