How do I delete a city in Sim Empire?

Select the world you want, and start right away at the very beginning. If you want to have a fresh start on the same world, then you can also delete it yourself. Go to the settings and scroll down to ‘Delete City’: You will need to confirm the deletion with your password.

How do I start over on SIM empire?

If you want to restart the game, uninstall it, and download it again. However, if you have already connected the game to Google Play or Game Center, the game will restore your previous savegame if you connect the new game.

How do you reset Sim City app?

Re: restarting in simcity build it

Settings > Apps > Sim City > Clear Data.

How do you move buildings in SIM empire?

Step 1: Find the building you want to move. Step 2: Tap and hold the selected building. Step 3: Relocate by keeping your finger on the building then let go to place the building.

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How do you start over in empires and puzzles?

How do I save my progress/how can I delete my progress and start over? Players have to log into Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (android) to save their data. If a player wants to delete it completely, then delete the game from these accounts. The buildings can’t be built ‘wrong’, so there is no value to starting over.

How do I reset my idle supermarket?

To reset your game, you’ll need to delete the game from your iPhone, Android or other devices you currently play it on. This can be done by holding your finger down on the game’s app icon and then selecting the delete option.

How do you restart hotel empire?

Go to “Settings” on your Android phone and tap on “Manage Apps” or “Apps”. Scroll down until you find the app. Press the “Clear Data” button to clear all data from the app. Now open Hotel Empire Tycoon and you will see that the game has been reset.

Can you start over in Sim City?

The only way to ‘restart’ is to create a new Facebook account, that has never had a SCBI city linked to it and then a new city. I would suggest a compromise: Give yourself a week where you know your sims are going to be unhappy, buildings abandoned, things are going to be grim.

Can I delete my city in SimCity BuildIt?

Can I delete my city and start over? – Sorry Mayor, your city is for keeps! … Can I delete my saved cities from Facebook, Game Center or Google Play? – There’s no way to delete those previous saves, sorry! It’s a security feature to make sure you can play across your devices safely.

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How do I start over SimCity on iPhone?

Re: How can I restart city on iPhone (iOS)?

At no cost to you, basic roads can be demolished and re-drawn, and your existing buildings can be moved easily with a ‘tap, hold and drag’ finger movement.

How do you get skill points on SIM empire?

Each time you kill an opposing player’s troops in a battle, you receive contribution points. These are the stars you can see in a battle report. Contribution points can be exchanged for skill points, at a rate of 1000 contribution for 1 skill point.

How do you move buildings in the West game?

The layout of your Base is of great importance in order to save Resources when you are attacked by other players. In order to move a building, tap on it. A menu window and green arrows will pop up. Just tap and hold on top of the building and move it to where you think it is best located.

Is there a way to hack empires and puzzles?

The only real way to cheat is by using a Empires & Puzzles bot. The makers will either lure you into completing meaningless surveys (which in the end require “human verification”) or steal sensitive information such as your game account credentials.

Can you delete buildings in empires and puzzles?

you cannot delete a building (nor do you need to), you can only move them. you need to upgrade your Stronghold to be able to level up your buildings further.

What is the max level in empires and puzzles?

Your Player experience determines your Player Level, which in turn determines your total World Energy, increases the size of your Hero Roster, and increases your available Team Cost. Raid Energy does not increase with level and currently has a maximum of 6. Player Experience is gained via map stages and quests.

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