Frequent question: How do I cancel epic projects in Simcity Buildit?

How do I stop epic projects in SimCity BuildIt?

At the time of writing there is no way to stop an EP early, so if you want to build a Turtle or a Llama Epic, simply stop completing tasks once you’ve reached the relevant number of points and wait for the 24 hours to elapse. If you reach Gold level at 160 points, the project completes immediately.

How do I cancel epic projects?

Re: Make an Epic Project Cancelable

There is no way to cancel it. Once you start it, it will go to completion or 24 hours, whichever is sooner….

How do I start over on SimCity BuildIt?

Starting over

Under device settings, go to “Apps” > SimCity BuildIt > clear cache and data > uninstall app. Then power off/on device. Reinstall app via Play Store. Do tutorial; once you’ve built City Hall, tutorial ends, and you can connect to FB in game settings.

Can you move epic buildings in SimCity BuildIt?

A. After a regular residential building is selected for an Epic Project upgrade, it will be assigned a specialization depending on which specializations are within range of that building. You can move that building within range of any other specialization and refresh the plans to change to a different design.

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Can SimCity BuildIt be hacked?

SimCity BuildIt Hack is safe, virus-free and easy to use. … SimCity BuildIt Hack connects to the game server room, then sends and replaces the files that allow you to add things that lets you hack. It is working on both iOS and Android devices with no root and jailbreak required.

How do I build epic projects in SimCity BuildIt?

Starting Epic Projects

Look for bubbles with the winged golden helmet icon near your Specialization buildings. Tap it and then drag the required Simoleons to the buildings to start your Epic Projects.

How do I get more tokens in Simcity Buildit?

Tap a Commercial building and then tap the Speed Up Token icon. It will give you the menu of the Speed up Token types you have available, drag one of them to your production queue to accelerate production.

Can I delete my city in SimCity BuildIt?

Can I delete my city and start over? – Sorry Mayor, your city is for keeps! … Can I delete my saved cities from Facebook, Game Center or Google Play? – There’s no way to delete those previous saves, sorry! It’s a security feature to make sure you can play across your devices safely.

Can you restart your SimCity BuildIt?

@chstavridis If you logged in with your Google Play/Game Center or Facebook your game is indeed saved online and you won’t be able to restart. The best thing I can recommend is make use of the Demolish function.

How do I get my old SimCity back?

Login to Facebook first.

Here’s how to recover your saved city:

  1. Download the game on your new device.
  2. Play through the tutorial until the City Advisor tells you that you’re on your own.
  3. Tap the Settings icon and log in with the correct account. No login buttons? You’re not done with the tutorial yet, so keep going.
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How often do epic projects appear?

Epic projects appear after you have any specialisation apart from parks and landscape that benefits a fully upgraded residential zone. Once you have completed an epic project, there is a 12 hour cooldown until you can start another one.

What are epic projects in SimCity BuildIt?

Epic Projects In SimCity BuildIt

Once you unlocked the Department of Epic Projects (Level 16), you can start developing epic buildings – those are the really big skyscrapers and they will develop speed up token pieces for you that will help you a lot in the future.

How do you increase land value in SimCity BuildIt?

Placing multiple parks or plazas with their radius zones overlapping will stack, providing a greater increase in value. Any specialisation you choose for your city will also have an affect on land value, for example specialising in Casinos will increase the value of commercial buildings in its vicinity.

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