Best answer: How do you unlock clubs in SimCity?

Once you reach level 18, you can create your own Mayor’s Club or join a pre-existing Club.

How do I join a club in SimCity?

Open Clubs – You can join right away. Just tap the Join button. Private Clubs – You need to request admission to the Club — tap the Ask to Join button and one of the Club leaders (President, Vice Presidents, or Senior) will accept or reject your request.

How many clubs are there in SimCity?

You can only be in one club at a time. There are 3 kinds of clubs the first club is open which means anyone can join at any time. The 2nd one is private which means you can apply to join the club and then the club can chose to accept you.

How do you trade with club members in Simcity Buildit?

You go in chat and type what you are selling. Put the items on sale without advertising on GTHQ. Hopefully one of your members will read and purchase them.

How many members do you need to start a club war in SimCity?

Re: how many mayors required in club for club wars in Sims City Buildit? Anecdotally speaking, 10-11 is an unofficially understood minimum.

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How long do wars last in SimCity?

Starting with your next war, the war phase duration will be: – Preparation phase 6 hours. – Attack phase 24 hours. – Cooldown timers 1 minute.

How long do club wars last?

The War Timeline

1X Speed (15 min per 1 energy) — All but the last 2 hours. 3X Speed (5 min per 1 energy) — The last 2 hours of war is at 3X speed.

What can a senior do in Simcity Buildit?

Senior. You can accept or reject requests to join the Club.

How do I leave a war in Simcity?

Click on the members section in the mayor’s club, click on the blue i in the top right hand corner and it will provide a leave button. Click leave and you’re done. If not the club is either in the prep or war phase and you can’t leave until war is complete.

What is overkill in SimCity?

OVERKILL aka OK When an enemy target has just 1 point left and you hit it with a high attack such as B Movie Monster, therefore maximizing the points you score off of each enemy target.

How do I upgrade war disasters in SimCity?

You can participate in the wars and unlock as many prize chests as possible to obtain the cards needed to upgrade a war disaster to level 10. Mind you this will take a very long time before you reach level 10 and you’ll need a lot of golden keys to pay for the upgrades.

How do you repair disaster zones in SimCity?

Disaster Zones are the rubble that is left over after a disaster hits. You can repair the disaster zones to get either 1 Golden Key or 500 Simoleons.

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