How do you unlock the water treatment plant in cities skylines?

The water treatment plant is a sewage dumping system. It is unlocked after meeting the Big City milestone.

How do you get inland water treatment plants in cities skylines?

The Eco variant produces even lower ground pollution levels but also has a lower drain capacity. The Inland Water Treatment Plant and all of its variants can be found under the Water and Sewage build menu. The Inland Water Treatment Plant and the Eco Inland Water Treatment Plant are unlocked at city milestone 0.

How do you deal with sewage in cities skylines?

In the water section, there are water pump but also sewage disposal called “water drain pipe”. You put them near the water and link them with pipe and to the electricity grid. And done. Watch out not to put sewage water inside the water pump for your population.

Where is the best place to put a water treatment plant?

Drain pipes and water treatment plants must be placed on a shoreline and be connected to the water supply network. Drain pipes simply dump raw sewage into the water and can quickly cause massive amounts of water pollution.

How does water work in city skylines?

Most cities will extract water using shoreline water pumping stations to provide water for the citizens. Water towers extract groundwater, but are a more expensive option. … All water in Cities:Skylines is fresh water, however mayors should be careful not to pump sewage into the water grid.

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How do you clean up polluted water cities skylines?

You can use a water pumping station to clean up polluted water from your sewage. Just place the pumping station in the middle of the sewage and run a water pipe from it a short way and connect to nothing. It will pump all the stagnant sewage from your water into the ground and eventually clean up the whole area.

Can you sell buildings cities skylines?

Once you build the building, not only does it unlock the ability to sell your excesses but also gives you the options of setting how much you want to sell and the rate at which you want to sell it.

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