How do I increase my FPS in cities skylines?

Why is cities skylines so laggy?

Cities Skylines is a memory-hog, easily getting the computer to swap to the harddisk which will cause lags and longer than necessary loading times.

How do you make cities skylines run well?

Make sure your graphics card is running in high performance mode: Windows: Search for “Graphic Settings” in start bar, and under “Graphics Performance Settings” manually add Cities.exe as a ‘Classic app’, and set it to “High Performance”.

Do mods slow down cities skylines?

A fast CPU and more RAM make it faster, grind mods make it hugely slower. In-game: Shortly after your city loads and appears on screen, lots of mods do their final stage of initialisation causing lots of lag and stuttering.

How do you lower CPU usage in cities skylines?

Disable shadows, that drops the game’s CPU (yes, CPU not GPU) load somewhat. You can also try dropping level of detail but the visual impact is noticeable. But Cities: Skylines is a CPU-heavy game. Especially when your city gets large, if you have a strong graphics card then you usually will be CPU-limited.

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Will there be cities skylines 2?

Paradox Interactive have officially announced that they are currently working on an unannounced project with Colossal Order but sadly, it is still too early in development to share more details at this time. Cities: Skylines 2 could be in development at Colossal Order, the developers of the original strategy title.

How do I play cities skylines without lagging?

Without using too many superlatives, Cities Skylines is a great little game.


  1. Load your slow game, play for a few seconds, save it.
  2. Load an old game (only 3×3 tile area at most, created without any mods). Let it run for a few seconds.
  3. Load your new game again – and it will be running fast and without any lags.


Can cities skylines run on Windows 10?

Cities: Skylines is an award-winning, best-selling management game, now available for Windows 10 with all of its robust city-simulation gameplay and unique charm along for the ride.

How do you speed up time in cities skylines?

In order to speed up time and fast forward the game on PS4, you simply have to hold down L3. Each moment you hold it down, the game will speed up through three different levels. That’s it! If you want to pause the game, press L3 instead of holding it down.

What are the best mods for cities skylines?

So, without any more preamble, here are the best mods for Cities: Skylines.

  • Electric Roads. …
  • Roundabout Builder. …
  • The Agricultural Field Collection. …
  • Quad. …
  • Timboh’s Marvelous Interchange Emporium. …
  • Ultimate Skyscraper Collection by various. …
  • Advanced road anarchy. …
  • Real World Cities Maps.
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What is the best map in cities skylines?

The Green Plains map is available in the base game of Cities: Skylines. This unassuming map is especially great for its wealth of raw materials. It also gives lots of open space with more relaxed terrain, giving way to an ideal environment to expand a city in.

What are the best cities skylines DLC?

Here are the ten best Cities: Skylines DLCs that add the most for the buck.

  1. 1 Natural Disasters. This DLC changes the gameplay so much so that it now becomes a Doomsday preparation event simulator.
  2. 2 Industries. …
  3. 3 Green Cities. …
  4. 4 Mass Transit. …
  5. 5 Parklife. …
  6. 6 Campus. …
  7. 7 Sunset Harbor. …
  8. 8 Snowfall. …


Why does cities skylines use so much CPU?

Depending on the mod and asset count, the CPU usage can go up past what the CPU clock speeds allow (so the thread is using 100% of the core). Even with /disableMods, the CPU usage for the thread is still higher than the game, even though there are only a few normal custom assets loaded.

Is Cities skyline CPU heavy?

Normally Skylines destroys any type of CPU you throw at it. But since your setup is so dated, it can’t utilize much of the CPU whet GPU can barely keep up.

How many cores can cities skylines use?

Seems like the more cores a CPU has, it has to sacrifice per core speed to some extent. Thanks Cities Skylines redditors! AFAIK cities is optimized for 4 cores but will gladly use more threads if available. If you’re looking for good performance in this game look for a high clocked 6-8 core CPU.

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