Frequent question: How do you control traffic lights in cities skylines?

The “Junctions” tab allows toggling traffic lights and stop signs. The final tab, “Adjust Roads”, allows you to adjust the road, primarily for the road name. A line will appear to highlight the road, with dots on either end that can be dragged to adjust the road.

How do you set up manual traffic lights in cities skylines?


  1. Click on the button.
  2. Click on the button.
  3. Click on the junction that you want to control.
  4. For every road segment connected to the junction (except for outgoing one-ways) you now see one big traffic light and one small one. …
  5. You can toggle the vehicle traffic light (the big one) by clicking on it.

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How do I remove timed traffic lights in cities skylines?

Click on the timed node and click on its setup menu. From there click on “Stop” to stop the light from running. Once you do that you can edit or delete it.

How do timed traffic lights work?

Active infrared sensors emit low-level infrared energy into a specific zone to detect vehicles. When that energy is interrupted by the presence of a vehicle, the sensor sends a pulse to the traffic signal to change the light.

What is TMPE?

Definition. TMPE. Traffic Manager: President Edition (Cities Skylines game) TMPE. Traffic Manager: President Edition (game)

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